Susi Pritchett Jensen - Sci Fi Writer and Fan

I am a Stanford University grad, raised up in the Stanford Creative Writing Program.

I LOVE great questions and dynamic discussions and I'm convinced that scifi asks some of the best questions worth grappling with.

I am also a long-time consumer of all things science fiction, a mother and a writer. My writing career took a backseat to other work and parenting until the last few years, but the reading, the watching, the pondering and the dreaming started long ago. I don't expect it to end anytime soon.

My first YA science fiction novel is in the editing stages, soon to be published (link will be here when that happens). This website is a part of my passion for the scifi genre. I hope it will help you make choices about what to read and watch and perhaps a few great questions posed by future-imagining science fiction gurus will make their way into your psyche and spur your genius.

I am an Amazon partner. The links for buying books on my site will take you to Amazon's booksellers. For many, this is convenience. For me...this is a way I make a tiny amount of salary. God speed, fair readers.

My Writing

I write scifi short stories and reviews, nearly all of which are found on this website (And I dream of writing a science fiction rock opera someday).

For Educators

Reviews of books, film and TV with possible discussion questions for the classroom. 


One  women's style and men's style tshirt, soon to be sold here.

My Recommendations

Detailed reviews of scifi books, film and TV--so you can decide how to spend your precious $ and time on the entertainment right for you.

For Parents

Consume scifi books, film and TV with your kids. Let your teen surprise you on how able they are to contemplate deep philosophical and moral questions. Read and watch and HAVE THAT DISCUSSION!

Thank Yous

Big thanks to Chris Lema, WordPress guru extraordinaire and friend who nudged me toward putting out this content and also to Abby Jensen who was essential to the website's design.

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