"If you ask 'Should we be in space?' you ask a nonsense question. We are in space."   -Frank Herbert

Tales of the Walking Dead: EVIE/JOE, A No-Spoiler Review

By Susi Jensen | August 22, 2022 |

4 Reasons I recommend EVIE/JOE, The Short Review EVIE/JOE is first installment of The Walking Dead’s anthology series: Tales of the Walking Dead. Basically all of these tales will be in short-form, focusing on different characters each time, contained in one 45ish minute episode. EVIE/JOE is set in The Walking Dead universe which means there is…

12 MONKEYS A No-Spoiler Review

By Susi Jensen | August 19, 2022 |

My son is visiting Wisconsin and after work, we are alternatingly choosing films to watch together. Two nights ago, we watched a horror flick he chose called Hereditary, which was decent, not awesome, but was made by the same film company that produced Ex Machina(which I loved and realizing now, I have never reviewed this…

For All Mankind, A No Spoiler Review

By Susi Jensen | June 18, 2022 |

Apple Plus released its third season of FOR ALL MANKIND this month. I have not viewed any of the 3rd season but I did watch all of 1 and 2 and loved them. What follows will be the short review and a longer review of season 1 and 2. If you’re convinced by the short…

SEVERANCE, A No Spoiler Review

By Susi Jensen | April 27, 2022 |

6 Reasons You Want to Watch Severance Two unique settings within a contained, small-story universe. (I will write more about this in the longer review) Amazing cast. Adam Scott as the stoic lead, Mark, with a supporting cast that includes Patricia Arquette, John Turturro and Christopher Walken Superb characterization and story-telling. The main character and…

THE BATMAN, God and Justice. Warning: So Many Spoilers

By Susi Jensen | March 16, 2022 |

Last night I had the privilege of watching Matt Reeve’s THE BATMAN. I enjoyed the film, though it was tough to watch, a tense experience. Graphic violence is implied more than shown, but evil and darkness are palpable in every scene. Not that the film isn’t a beautifully crafted story…it is, but the narrative, the…

THE SILENT SEA, More Brilliance From the Korean Film Industry, A No-Spoiler Review of the Netflix Miniseries

By Susi Jensen | February 8, 2022 |

First, the Short Review 6 Reasons I Recommend THE SILENT SEA Beautiful production overall, including visuals that underlie the creepy vibe  Featured a number of my favorite Korean actors, a few you might recognize if Squid Game was on your watch list this past year Plenty tension and surprises/frights A number of science fiction and…

STATION ELEVEN, A No-Spoiler Review

By Susi Jensen | January 26, 2022 |

ALL SYSTEMS RED, by Martha Wells, A No-Spoiler Review of the first novella in the Murderbot Diaries Series

By Susi Jensen | December 8, 2021 |

A novella. Hey, what’s that? Well…it’s shorter than a novel. And…as with all printed matter, it’s a pleasure to read when it’s entertaining and well written. ALL SYSTEMS RED is a story, entertaining and well-written, that one can read in about 4 hours. Rated PG-13 for adult themes. I read this novella on a flight…

Space Sweepers, A No Spoiler Review

By Susi Jensen | November 22, 2021 |

What to expect when watching SPACE SWEEPERS…Great storytelling, compelling characters and a science fiction setting that evokes the best of a well-produced space opera. This film is free on Netflix. I rate it PG-13 for some violence, but it’s a bit like Star Wars type violence. Not a lot of blood, but definitely carnage. 5…

DUNE Part 1, The film. A No-Spoiler Review

By Susi Jensen | November 16, 2021 |

DUNE, the 2021 film is a true hit and a must-see large screen theater event. It drew millions across the globe to the theater. I was among those who saw it and loved it. I saw it a second time within a week and the film was still breathtaking, and I’ll see it again though…

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