Space Sweepers, A No Spoiler Review

A wonderful story, compelling characters and a science fiction setting that floods me with joy. Plus, it’s free on Netflix. I rate this film PG-13 for some violence, but it’s a bit like “Star Wars” type violence. Not a lot of blood, but definitely carnage.

Not that this story only bleeds happiness…it doesn’t. There is a tragic “trade” that takes place. However, the overall adventure ranked above my expectations. To be honest, when I’m watching something online like this, I’m not expecting brilliance, but when it’s Korean made, I am coming to expect top-notch production. The Korean film industry is doing something right. They’re focusing on great storytelling and upping the game at every turn when it comes to production value. SPACE SWEEPERS is no exception.



Five Reasons to Watch Space Sweepers

  1. characters, they’re funny, quirky and smart…They reminded me of many beloved STAR WARS characters
  2. Special effects on par with my favorite films
  3. Nothing offensive, for parents trying to figure out what to show their kids
  4. Excellent space battles
  5. An ultimate choice for the main character(s) that will impact the on-screen universe

Longer Review: This film assumes a space opera vibe and so reminded me of Star Wars. Yet, it was original, not a carbon copy. The pacing of this screenplay gave exactly the right amount of info while embedding a few nuggets that made me go back a rewatch portions. That was rewarding and I loved the heartbeat of the story’s core…the transformation of a rogue into a nurturing father.

To note: The villain in SPACE SWEEPERS reminded me (visually) of Jack Dorsey, former Twitter CEO, former CEO as of today, November 30, 2021. I wonder if the film maker has/had a bone to pick with Twitter.

Regarding Korean stories: I will continue to watch and review Korean-produced scifi/horror/speculative fiction because in the last 2 years or more, the flow of great content is undeniable. For more Korean-productions that I’ve reviewed, see:

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